Reaching, engaging and supporting ECRs in the atmospheric chemistry community

Category: Past events

  • Early career scientists in fire science

    From September 17th – 22nd 2023, two members of the ECR SSC got the opportunity to go to the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science to attend the Fire Learning AcRoss the Earth System (FLARE) meeting. FLARE brought together scientists from different parts of the world, and different disciplines, to discuss a big question: what challenges…

  • IGAC-iCACGP ECR 2023 Online conference

    The IGAC-iCACGP ECR SSC committee would like to thank everyone who attended for helping us make the first-ever online Early Career Researched science-focused conference. The conference hosted an estimated 300 people across three different time zones. After highlight talks, informal events and seminars were organized to form and strengthen bonds between ECRs in the atmospheric…