Reaching, engaging and supporting ECRs in the atmospheric chemistry community

IGAC-iCACGP ECR 2023 Online conference

The IGAC-iCACGP ECR SSC committee would like to thank everyone who attended for helping us make the first-ever online Early Career Researched science-focused conference.

The conference hosted an estimated 300 people across three different time zones. After highlight talks, informal events and seminars were organized to form and strengthen bonds between ECRs in the atmospheric chemistry community. Each session included a workshop tackling topics early career researchers face. A poster session ended each of the time-zone sessions, allowing ECRs to present and discuss their work in further detail.

Poster prizes

Two recipients were selected in each of the three regions highlighted during the conference, one each from the global North and global South regions. Those recipients will be invited to attend and have their registration and travel covered for the joint iCACGP-IGAC 2024 conference and ECR short course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
It is our pleasure to announce the recipients of the IGAC-iCACGP 2023 ECR online conference poster prizes:

  • Hao Xu (NIES, Japan) for his work on TROPOMI validation;
  • Pallavi Sahoo (Utkal University, India) for her work on Ammonia emissions;
  • Flossie Brown (University of Exeter, UK) for her work on fire-driven ozone damage to the Amazon;
  • Abdelfettah Benchrif (National Center for Nuclear Energy, Morocco) for his work on PM composition;
  • Olivia Sablan (Colorado State University, USA) for her work on prescribed and agricultural Burns;
  • Facundo Baraldo (Commission on Atomic Energy, Argentina) for his work on PM2.5 analytical processing.


The highlighted talks are accessible online through the links below.

Asia/Oceania highlight talks

Jiaru Li: HO2 uptake onto aqueous inorganic aerosols: Detection of radical reactivity and uncertainty to ozone production
Beata Bukosa: Advancements in greenhouse gas measurements and modelling in Aotearoa New Zealand
Shahid Uz Zaman: Insights of Indoor Air Pollution in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Africa/Europe/Middle East highlight talks

Samuel Cliff: Unreported VOC emissions from road transport including from electric vehicles
Priscilla Adong: AI-Enabled Air Quality Monitoring and Management
Nansi Fakhry: PM2.5 Sources in the East Mediterranean-Middle East City Beirut: Chemical Characterization and Contribution to Ambient Concentrations

Americas highlight talks

Tailine Correa dos Santos: Local public policy and scientific research together to air quality
Mary Angelique G. Demetillo: On the Use of Remote-sensing Observations for Urban Air Pollution Inequality Analyses
Pamela Dominutti: The LAECESS Network: addressing the challenges of the next generation of scientists in Latin America



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